Pumpkin Seed Extract With Soy Isoflavones



Pumpkins Seed Extract with soy isoflavones contains a high-quality blend of naturally sourced botanicals. Together, they may exhibit benefits for bladder control, pelvic floor strength, prostate and urinary tract health.

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Our Pumpkin Seed Extract with Soy Isoflavones is specifically formulated to address bladder control and promote urinary health in both men and women. Crafted from premium pumpkin seeds and enriched with soy isoflavones, this powerful blend supports a healthy urinary system. Research suggests that pumpkin seeds offer a natural source of nutrients that may aid in bladder function by relaxing bladder overactivity. Soy isoflavones may also help regulate bladder contractions and support hormone balance. Together, they may strengthen the pelvic floor and encourage a reduction in urination frequency, particularly at night. Pumpkin seed extract has also been studied for its benefits on male prostate health.

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