Ozonated Olive Oil

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The Answer is Super Ozonated Olive Oil. With the increase of antibiotic resistant super bugs, Ozonated Olive Oil provides a clear alternative solution to many of today's skin problems. Ozonated Olive Oil is a natural topical gel.

  • May Help Relieve Many Types Of Skin Irritation
  • Natural Food Grade Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Medical Grade Oxygen
  • Produces Faster Healing

The natural alternative therapy for your skin

Super Ozonated Olive Oil is produced by bubbling Ozone (O³), (produced using medical grade oxygen), through natural food grade Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a minimum of 3 weeks until a balm resembling Vaseline is obtained. This balm or gel smells strongly of ozone because the oil is now saturated with it. Ozone is an activated form of Oxygen which is very beneficial to the body. We use biological, not processed oil so the balm is very suitable for delicate and sensitive skin types.

Olive oil’s molecular structure allows it to carry a higher concentration of ozone than other and so is perfectly suited to this application. In 1896, Nikola Tessla patented his ozone generator. In 1900 he had formed his ozone company and sold Ozonated Olive Oil to naturopaths. During WWI the Germans used ozonated olive oil to treat wounds, and trench foot. Ozone is even being taken up by water suppliers as a means of sterilizing drinking water.

Oxygen therapy is increasing in popularity throughout the world as a true alternative practice. Most medical practices now also offer an alternative therapy clinic to work alongside and not against conventional treatment. We encourage you to try Ozonated Olive Oil. It certainly won’t harm you and you will very likely gain excellent results. This ozonated olive oil is wholly natural and is not a drug.

Ozonated Olive Oil is a natural topical gel. Always seek advice from a qualified physician. If symptoms persist during the safe use of Ozonated Olive Oil consult a physician.
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Directions: Use topically as required

Amount Per Container: 50ml (1.7 oz)

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