Silicium G5 Gel - 150ml


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Silicium G5 in a monodose formula is a dietary supplement that provides bioavailable organic silica to the body. Silica is essential, indeed indispensable for the body. Silica is needed by the body to help restructure and maintain a healthy metabolism. Many people suffer from dietary deficiencies of Silica, making this a vital addition to your daily regime.

  • Pure Organic, Double-Concentrated Silica
  • Support For Normal Joint & Cartilage Health
  • Hair & Nail Support
  • No Known Side Effects & Preservative Free!

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Vitalized and of high purity

Silicium G5 Mono dose is a bioavailable silica product in a mono dose format fully assimilated by the body and immediately available to the cells. Perfect dissolution, not colloidal, without the presence of crystallisation. Silicium G5 has no side effects and is preservative-free.

A single dose of 20 ml per day is equivalent to 40 ml of the original G5 of Loïc Le Ribault. In a single-dose format to enhance the assimilation process and facilitate it’s versatility.